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Shower & Bath Remodeling Services

Shower and Bath Remodel has been serving the local San Diego. We are replacing tubs and showers with Swanstone products that have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

When it comes to completely renovating or just straight new installations of tubs and showers at affordable prices, look no further. We will get your new bathroom up and running in no time.

Tubs and Showers

Whether it's a refreshing wake-up or a soothing respite after a busy day, the shower should be a place of calm and comfort. Our wide array of shower solutions can help you create just that. Stylish and durable Swanstone showers are not only attractive, but easy to clean as well. So pamper yourself a little – with a beautiful, long-lasting Swanstone shower, call us today for a quote. Contact us by phone at (619) 607-2326 or e-mail.

Shower and Bath Remodel will help and guide you through out the replacement process.

We will help you:

Determine your shower size

Let's start at the beginning. The first thing to consider when remodeling or building a new shower is the size. Our floors, wall kits and panel products are categorized by size. Shower Wall Kit names are based on width (w). To fi nd the right products for your specific need, measure your desired depth, width, and height (use finished wall dimensions, not stud-to-stud).

Make it your own

One of the beautiful things about Swanstone is the ability to customize. Choose from our wide assortment of solid and aggregate colors and select the one that best complements your room. But color choice is just the start. Why not consider decorative wall panels? Or matching trim coordinates? We've got lots of ideas to help you make it uniquely yours.

Choose your accessories

Need a soap dish? We've got matching options. How about a shower seat? Or perhaps a recessed shelf? With Swan, it all ties together beautifully. Our accessories are made of matching solid surface, so they look great – and work great.

Why choose Shower and Bath Remodel and Swanstone?

  • · Heat resistant to 450° – the industry's best. Hot pots, boiling water, curling irons, even fl at irons will not harm it.
  • · Five times stronger than other solid surfaces, Swanstone won't break, even when hit by a hammer.
  • · Swanstone is impervious to common household culprits. Acetone will not etch it; cosmetics and colored beverages cannot permanently stain it.
  • · Color and texture are consistent throughout, with no surface coating to crack or chip.
  • · Compression molded, not cast, Swanstone will not crack or craze like other materials – and it's easy to maintain, since it won't mold or mildew.

Whatever your preference in style, color, budget, or materials, you'll find that Swan has the combination of products, experience and support you need to make your project an overwhelming success. Shower and Bath Remodel will make sure you are satisfied with our services and products we use.