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Bath Remodeling in San Diego

If you are looking for a company who can install a new bathtub in your home for an unbeatable rate, look no further than the experienced bathroom remodelers at Shower and Bath Remodel. With over seven decades of experience, there is no better choice than us. Call us today at (619) 607-2326 to book your free consultation.


Brighten Your Mornings with a New Bathroom Remodel

Some people think that there is only so much about their bathroom they can change. They think they could re-tile their floors or shower, replace the light fixtures, but anything else is just too much work.

We are here to tell you that there is no limit to what you can do with your bathroom. It doesn’t require months of labor, it doesn’t require a massive budget, and it doesn’t require a lot of hard work on your part, either.

What does it require, then? For your project to succeed while also staying on time and within budget, you need to find a bathroom remodeling company with a track record for success.

That’s where we come in.

Who Better to Work with Than the Bathroom Remodelers with 75 Years of Experience?

Our team consists of certified contractors, each with decades of on-the-job experience. Our tile setters alone have 20+ years of experience, and that says nothing of our company’s founders.

When you work with us, you get a company with the best tools and the best problem-solving skills imaginable.

Our Remodeling Contractors Save You Time and Money with Free Consultations

Not every homeowner knows the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling. Other homeowners might simply know they want to get rid of their old bath while not being so sure what to replace it with. During your initial free consultation with us, you’ll learn what options are within your reach.

Fast Turnarounds on Bathtub Replacements—Guaranteed!

As homeowners ourselves, we know there is nothing worse than having a team of contractors stomping around your home for days—or weeks—on end. That’s why we make it a priority to adhere to the project’s agreed-upon deadlines.

With proper planning, we’ll never work past your deadline.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services Come with Extended Warranties

Our warranties ensure that you’ll never have to worry about paying for any unexpected damages or setbacks. If problems arise, all you have to do is call us!

Only the Best Products for Your Bathroom Renovations

Any homeowner who has dedicated any time at all to daydreaming about the perfect bathroom is more than familiar with Swanstone bathroom and shower products. Lucky for you, we have access to the best Swanstone products for the best prices!

Call Us Today to Request Our Bath Remodeling Services

Instead of ending every day in a cramped bathtub with a faucet that scratches your back, why not end it with a comfortable bathtub that gives you room to relax?

Rest assured, we can select, install, and maintain the bathtub of your dreams for you. All that’s required of you is that you call us. Our number is (619) 607-2326, and we are always ready to take your call.